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Top Reasons

Peace of Mind

You should know what’s on your driving record, from tickets in the past, pending tickets, outstanding tickets, warrants, suspensions, etc. The worst thing could be getting pulled over and an officer indicates you have an outstanding ticket with a warrant for your arrest which you never even knew about. We have seen it happen countless times! Best case scenario, you can at least confirm your driving record is clean, how many points you have, when points are dropping off, etc.

Cost Savings - Starting at $39.95

With points on your driving record, you can have increased insurance rates for 3-5 years on average (can add up to thousands at times), motor vehicle surcharges, and more. Maintaining your driving record is important to keep your costs down and save for the long term.


By maintaining a clean driving record, drivers on average nationwide are typically able to obtain the best deals from prosecutors, solicitors, officers, judges, and courts, rather than those drivers who have much harsher driving records. This also can help keep your driving record clean, avoid points, and avoid costs, like court fines, surcharges, and insurance rates.


Driving can be an integral part of your employment. Employers do not look favorably to drivers who don’t keep their driving records as clean as possible. If driving is a part of your job, you need to keep an eye on your driving record from time to time and know what is on your record.

We Help Commerical Drivers Too!

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Common Questions

Your driving record will be made available to you via e-mail generally same-day or within 24 hours.

This depends on your particular state’s motor vehicle division. Generally, most states keep track of your driving records from at least 3 years to 7 years on average.

You can receive important information, such as: driving history, convictions, pending tickets, warrants, outstanding tickets, suspensions, accidents, points, privileges, etc.

Place your order online on our website and enter all of the driver’s information. You must comply with any local regulations to obtain their oral or written consent and authorization to do so if required by applicable laws.